Front Cover Image for Moonlight Sonata. Romantic Comedy set in Muskoka, ON


"Moonlight Sonata" (2018)

Full length play in 2 acts.

Romantic Comedy

6 Characters (3m & 3f)

Mature cast


Eager to remedy the failings of her past, 50 year old JACKIE LaROCHE seeks solitude in a remote Muskoka cottage on Moonlight Lake. In this tranquil setting, she aims to sweep away a life of pretense and blind ambition and replace it with a new belief in herself, to rediscover the love and connections lost in her life. Ensconced in the woods, still as Sunday, the conditions are perfect for turning the page. But the page gets sticky with a writer, neighbours and unsolicited attention.  

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Front Cover Image for "For The Love Of A Good Man"
A full length comedy.


"For the Love of a Good Man" (2019)

Full length play in 2 acts.

An Unromantic Comedy

3 Characters (2f, 1m)

Mature cast


Call it creeping tedium, or simply being stuck in the marital doldrums, Jan Jacklin’s play For the Love of a Good Man seeks to find a remedy. The answer, of course, is to do what’s best for a marriage where even ‘love’ has become a questionable ideal. To this end, sixty year old COLLEEN, now retired, devises a scheme she believes will spark a new beginning for herself and her husband RICHARD. Her method however, aided and abetted by her best friend DIANE is a shade unconventional. As the two friends collaborate they delve deeper and deeper into questions about friendship, loyalty and love. In the end, when the truth is revealed, sparks do fly, because when push comes to shove, there’s something to be said for good men: they deserve what they get!


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"Me, A Mamma" (2019)

Full length comedy in 2 Acts

10 Characters played by either 4, 6 or 10 actors (Written for Doubling)

2 (m), 2 (f), or 3 (m), 3 (f) or 5 (m), 5 (f)

Mixed Ages



Euphoric at becoming pregnant, Nickie and Paul quickly discover that family, friends and medical specialists have dizzying takes on what should otherwise be a nine month journey of joy. When opinions fly and secrets unearthed, the couple is beset by a burden of doubt and a dilation of emotions that are fit to burst.

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"Under The Halloween Moon"

Musical Full length Play for Children

6 Characters Plus Chorus

Performed by children or adults & children

 A Musical for the Stage 

Book, songs and lyrics by Steven Jacklin  

Orchestration & Additional Music by Rex Lancaster & Dyanna Jacklin



 A dad who died from a nut allergy returns on Halloween night to visit his wife and to keep watch over his son, daughter and their friend as they trick-or-treat their way to the cemetery in hopes of recovering a toaster stolen by a ghost

"Blud" A Vampire Musical



10 Characters