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"For The Love of a Good Man"

"For The Love of a Good Man"

“The funniest marriage therapy ever!”

"For The Love of a Good Man"

"For The Love of a Good Man"

"For The Love of a Good Man"

“Kept us laughing, focused and on the edge of our seats the whole time.”

"For The Love of a Good Man"


“Hilarious show. Really enjoyed it.”

 “We need more of this!!!”

“Great fun! Good script.”

“A story near and dear to our hearts… life’s twists & turns!!!”


The Ladies Foursome

The Ladies Foursome

"Hit every emotion! Excellent!"

The Ladies Foursome

The Ladies Foursome

The Ladies Foursome

"Outstanding - 4 great talents."

The Ladies Foursome

"Enjoyed it - far more than a game of golf!"

"Professional and talented cast & crew! Well Done!"

"Amazing! Very funny and full of love! Can't wait to see the next show."

"So awesome"

On A First Name Basis

On A First Name Basis

Brenda Russell - Autumn Leaves Senior Centre Baysville

 " I just wanted to extend a sincere thanks on behalf of our Club members  for the opportunity this afternoon to "preview" an AMAZING performance.   So much laughter and fun, along with some solemn moments making this a  terrific play which we will highly recommend around the community!  Well Done!"  

On A First Name Basis

On A First Name Basis

On A First Name Basis

Graham A. Smith - South River

"This play was very good and very funny. My wife and I had a great time and glad we went." 

On A First Name Basis


Paula Jackson

"Attended  opening night of 'On A First Name Basis' tour. Funny, real, and  touching. Playwright, Norm Foster at his best. The  superb actors were  perfectly cast and never missed a beat. Great chemistry between the two.  Excellent direction and production.Kudos to all!  This is one tour you  won't want to miss! ps. Also appreciated the setting at Highlander  Brewery, and the good beer!"

 Jane Hunt

"I  attended opening night at the Highlander Brewing Company last night.  SOOOO good! Do yourself a favour and get out to enjoy this most  entertaining play; play only or dinner theatre package. You'll be glad  you did. Superb acting. Well done, Jan and company."


Carol Sullivan - Facebook Post

The show is wonderful.  Very funny .  Well worth the price of admission.

Don Richardson - Toronto

Norm Foster: Canadian Treasure

I  had the pleasure of seeing my first Norm Foster play last Friday in  Bracebridge, Ontario. After reading some background info on the  playwright, I must confess that I am a bit embarrassed that this was my  first Norm Foster play experience. Such a popular Canadian playwright  needs to be celebrated and apparently has been over and over again! How  did I miss this?

The play was under the able direction of Ms. Joan Bendon and featured two very excellent actors, Bill Colgate and Teal Cochrane.

So  clever was the repartee between the two that I was somewhat reminded of  Oscar Wilde’s style (another favourite of mine). In comedy, timing is  everything and kudos to the actors, and no doubt especially to Ms.  Bendon for maintaining tight discipline to ensure that lines were  delivered crisply, accurately and timed exactly to produce the laughs,  which, as a result of this respect for tightness and delivery were very  frequent throughout!

But  this play is much more than a comedy, excellent as it is in that  department. It seems you, like Molière and many others before you,  understand that a veneer of comedy is often needed as a mask so that  darker truths and aspects of our common humanity may unfold slowly and  surreptitiously as the play progresses.

After  the performance, I was with Bill and Joan and other friends, and our  post-performance discussion clearly revealed that this play touched us  all in various ways. This is very much a play about the conflicting  human need to conceal our dark sides, while also simultaneously craving  to somehow reveal all to someone under the right circumstances.  Bluster  and disarming wit are but two techniques evident in your play,  enlivening the thrust & parry between the two main characters.  The  gradual unraveling of those hidden, darker issues, coupled with the  sudden reveal of “Man #2” (I had not guessed!) made for a powerful  climax to the story.

Thanks again for an enjoyable evening. Add one more Norm Foster fan to your roster!

Billy Bishop Goes To War


Eugene Rea, General Manager & Artistic Director, Midland Cultural Centre

"The Midland Cultural Centre, which features over 300 events annually,  recently had the distinct pleasure of presenting Dot The T Productions  excellent "Billy Bishop Goes to War".  The show was riveting! To call it  a success would be a great understatement.  The Midland audience is very discerning - and the standing ovation  enjoyed by the talented and on-point cast said it all. A huge well-done  to all concerned. Truly a show worthy of the ticket-price. I would  highly recommend this show - great team, tremendous  cast, and a totally engaging performance all around."

Bruce Thomas, Bethune United Church, Baysville, ON

 "Hi Jan.  It’s been over one week now since your production touched our  community and the chatter has not stopped since that evening.  Aside from  many short, casual comments from folks who were in attendance, their praise for  the very high quality of the actors and the producer does not fade.  In  particular, one of our congregation, a seasoned supporter of the arts and  theater in particular, expressed her intense feeling about actually experiencing  Billy Bishop right on stage in front of her.  She was most taken by this  performance.  Another of our congregation has seen Billy Bishop productions  6 times and couldn’t say enough about the ‘best quality’ he’s ever seen.   Another resident in our village area is also a well seasoned supporter with  theater and was so taken by this that she offered a table and some belongings to  the Dot The T Productions for any further productions.  But, the most  important reaction has come from one of our community.  He’s just  approaching 95 years and a vet of the conflicts of our past.  He’s so  emotional about any of the annual celebrations regarding vets and the war years  that he simply can’t get himself to attend things like Remembrance Day  services.  However, because I had the opportunity to sneak into several  rehearsals on the play, I knew he would appreciate the fine work involved.   We were eventually lucky to get him to attend and he hasn’t stopped talking  since.  He actually re-played the shooting parts of the play as he  remembered how he was involved and the joy he expressed in being able to see the  play is most remarkable.
   All of us were really taken by the entire production and the  wonderful contact we had with your team.  Please find the moment to share  our delight with all involved ~ it’s not a one person show and all are worthy of  the highest praise.  Our best to all,"

Christine Bibb (Audience member)- Parry Sound, ON


“Amazing show, thank you! We loved it!”

Al George (Audience member) - Parry Sound, ON


“As one not easily impressed, I was rendered spellbound”

Janet & Bill Prueter (Audience Member), Baysville, ON ***** Star Facebook Review

"What a privilege to see Dot the T’s production of Billy Bishop Goes to War.  The intimate setting of Bethune United Church provided the perfect  backdrop for the  telling of the amazing story of our favourite war  hero.  William ( Bill) Colgate , was  absolute perfection  as young  and old Bishop. He also expertly became the amusing and poignant  assortment of other characters that the play demanded.
Cameron Gibson at the piano, in army uniform, provided a stark reminder of how very  young our Canadian recruits were as they enlisted for and entered the  war, many never to return home. Lending his exceptional talents on the  keyboard and a rich baritone voice, the “ piano player” entered and  exited the flow of the storytelly seamlessly  and the timing of the two  actors was flawless.

Thank  you Dot the T Productions for bringing professional theatre of this  calibre to our local MUSKOKA communities. We are indebted and thrilled.
Can’t wait for your next production."

Janet & Yves LaFortune (Audience Member), Baysville, ON

“Honestly, Dot the T’s production of ‘Billy Bishop Goes to War’ was the finest piece of theatre I have ever seen, bar none.  Bill Colgate’s portrayal of the Canadian flying ace transported us directly into the recruitment office, the barracks, the cockpit and finally the 

aerial battle dances of the First World War.  We left having spent an intimate evening, not with an actor, but with Billy Bishop himself.  Truly, a tour de force “

Gail Carr (Gail Carr Casting) - Toronto, ON


"… a big thanks for such a tremendous evening. It was a pleasure to be there, to see William Colgate inhabit and bring Billy Bishop to life, not to mention the myriad other characters he conjured up during the show…to experience the play as a whole with all of the Joan Bendon’s (the director) deft attention to details of design, staging, and performance. You allowed us to bear witness to all that Billy Bishop experiences, to laugh with him and to hurt. I’ve done many things over my life to honour the Veterans of both WW I & II. Attending this show has been a high point."

Rita Hanesiak (Audience Member), Bala, ON ***** Star Review on Facebook

" What a fabulous performance of Billy Bishop Goes to War tonight in Bala. "

Jodie Auckland - grade 4/5 teacher Spruce Glen P.S. Muskoka

Please excuse me for the shameless plug - not for me, but for Nancy

Gibson, or rather her extraordinarily talented youngest son, Cameron. He

stars alongside Bill Colgate in Billy Bishop Goes to War, coming to a

venue near you this summer. Do yourselves a favour, and go see this show.

You will laugh, you will cry, you will learn, but above all, you will be

awed by the incredible talent of these two performers. I could see this

show a hundred times, and still be bowled over by them. I know this sounds

a little over the top, but truly, believe me, I do not say this lightly.

As an actor and director, I know talent when I see it, And Cameron has it

in spades. You won't regret the time, I promise.