Professional Theatre In Muskoka



Touring Muskoka Golf & Country Club May 25 - June 8

Enjoy a round of 9 holes on one of Muskoka's premier golf courses, and then head back to the club house for a full course meal. Followed by Muskoka's Professional theatre company's production of "The Ladies Foursome"

What The Critics Say:

 "The Ladies Foursome is a fun-filled, fast-paced, thoroughly joyful celebration  of the special bonds of friendship which link together four utterly unique women." -- The Morrisburg Leader 

 "A  delightful play that will have audiences laughing heartily and perhaps  fighting back a tear or two as well."          -- The Davis Enterprise 

 "The  laughs aren't just laughs. They're big laughs that continue tickling the  funny bone, erupting from the throat, shaking the shoulders, long after they're lobbed home." -- Hamilton Spectator 

We are currently organizing our event tour for this production between the dates May 25 to June 8, 2019

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For The Love of a Good Man, written by Jan Jacklin

Call it creeping tedium, or simply being stuck in the marital doldrums, Jan Jacklin’s play For the Love of a Good Man seeks to find a remedy. The answer, of course, is to do what’s best for a marriage where even ‘love’ has become a questionable ideal. To this end, sixty year old COLLEEN, now retired, devises a scheme she believes  will spark a new beginning for herself and her husband RICHARD. Her method however, aided and abetted by her best friend Diane is a shade unconventional. As the two friends collaborate they delve deeper and deeper into questions about friendship, loyalty and love. In the end, when the truth is revealed, sparks do fly, because when push comes to shove, there’s something to be said for good men: they deserve what they get! 


Every WEDNESDAY starting July 11, performing at the Windermere United Church. Show starts at 8pm. Meet up with friends before at either the Windermere Resort, the Windermere Golf & Country Club or The New Baldwin's Resort for drinks and/or dinner. This is a non-licensed event.

Portion of proceeds will be donated to Muskoka Chautauqua.



Every THURSDAY staring July 12, performing at the Peninsula Recreation Centre. Show starts at 8pm. Meet up with friends before at either Clevelands House, The Rock Golf Club or the JW Marriott Rosseau for drinks and/or dinner. This is a non-licensed event. 

Portion of proceeds will be donated to Muskoka Chautauqua.



August 16/17/18/23/24/25. This is an outdoor theatre event. B.Y.O.A.B.C. Bring your own APPETIZERS, BEVERAGE AND CHAIR. Show begins at 5:30pm. Access to property at 4:30pm. No show if it rains. There will be a port-o-pottie on-site. Visit the Artists of Limberlost Studios during the day ON August 17 & 18 and get a fill of culture. 2371 Limberlost Road is just past Billie Bear Road.



Actor's Salon

A Page-To-Stage Play Reading Series

Professional actors take the stage and perform a play, ON-SCRIPT. Lifting the characters off the page. This enhances the audience experience: the true craft of the actor and the playwright's words. No sets, costumes, lighting or sound effects. THE ESSENCE OF THE PERFORMING ARTS. An introduction to each play is provided by our company dramaturg - background of the play and playwright, along with poignant facts and tidbits are shared prior to the performance.